1 set Hot selling High-pressure airless spraying machine M829

  •  1 set  Hot selling High-pressure airless spraying machine M829


1set  Hot selling High-pressure airless spraying machine M829


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Apply paint: exterior latex paint, oil paint, acrylic coating with high viscosity and some anticorrosive coatings

Power: 900 w flow: 2.1 L

Weight is 26 KGS




Frequency of use: professional spray is the ideal choice for a day, years of spraying 50000 liters.

Scope of application: construction, household decoration, color tile industry water-based, oily coating construction, steel structure surface, epoxy ground, according to 830831 such as paint spraying construction of the ship.




High-pressure airless spraying machine features:

1: excellent surface quality.One-time film forming, spraying coating is smooth, uniform, smooth, dense, no brush marks and particles.

2: high construction effect: per person per hour can be sprayed square metre (300-800), equivalent to 10 of manual besmear to brush!

3: the effect is good, high pressure, high penetrability, increase the mechanical bite coating with wall body, better solve the coating of bubbles, cracks and other issues!

4: the coating efficiency more than 80% (air spraying 30%) save raw material!

5: poor for dilution of the sticky coating can also be very good.

6: coating rebound small, greatly improve the working conditions, more conducive to the health of construction personnel.

7: the operation is simple, easy to carry, little noise.


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