5.0-3000W-LD wind turbine generator 3000W output voltage 220V,40% ship cost+100% reputation

  • 5.0-3000W-LD wind turbine generator 3000W output voltage 220V,40% ship cost+100% reputation

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5.0-3000W-LD wind turbine generator 3000W output voltage 220V,40% ship cost+100% reputation

Power 3KW
Blade diameter 5.0m
Rated rotor speed 200r/min
Rated speed 10m/s
Rated Power 3KW
Max Power 4.5kw
Output voltage 220V
Start up wind speed 3(m/s)
Work speed 3-30(m/s)
Security wind speed  50(m/s)
Height of tower 8m
Top weight except tower 235kg
Tower type ø133mm steel tube
Output controller system Controller , Inverter

If you choose off grid type ,

Suggested batteries and it\'s capacity

18 PCS 12V100AH

Guy cable tower + Wind generator + controller

                  + off grid inverter


Free stand tower + Wind generator + controller

                  + off grid inverter

On grid type5.0-3000W-OL

Guy cable tower+Wind generator + controller

                  + on grid inverter

On grid type5.0-3000W-OD

Free stand tower + Wind generator + controller

                  + on grid inverter


3kw (2)

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5 Product Features


  1.  Applications Of Wind Generator


     A. home and remote cabin
     B. Telecommunication tower
     C. Solar &wind hybrid system
     D. Marine boat& yachts
     E. Monitoring station
     F. Water pumping


    2.  Features Of Wind Generator


     A. Start in Breeze Wind, Quiet
     B. Aluminum Die-Casting body, Durable
     D. Carbon Fiber Blades, Aerodynamic Design
     E. Maintenance free, only two Moving parts



    3.  Advange Of Wind Generator


Customized--We are the manufacturer! sample &OEM&ODM are available!
Safety--We have own test chart, all of our products have been rigorously tested in the factory.
Certification--We have CE, FCC, ROHS and quality management system certification.
High Quality --Our company uses the most advanced equipment to make the best quality products.

6 Trade Information


8 payment

7Company Profile

We are a professional manufacturer of Solar Products for many years. Our company has formed a perfect full-service

system integrated by the R&D, manufacture and domestic trading and foreign sales. Based on the trading belief

\'Focus on customers,\' our company has been calmly handled the market oscillations.  In addition, with the spirit of

teamwork and innovation, our company states our slogan of \'working seriously and being honest”.

For 10 years,we’ve been producing all types of solar power products and electronics products for buyers in US and Europe.

And for 10 years, not one client has returned their purchase. We enjoy a 100-percent acceptance rate because our products

boast of top quality workmanship. In fact, they carry international quality approvals such as CE,TUV,ROHS and IEC certificates

.And to further show our trust in our items. Products regularly and customize your ideas specifically.8Certification9 Exhibition10  customer Question11Contact Information


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