3D printer kit high precision I3 prusa aluminum profile upgraded version of the DIY suite printer 3D

  • 3D printer kit high precision I3 prusa aluminum profile upgraded version of the DIY suite printer 3D

Colours: Black Green or Red

Print heights: 200mm or 300mm


i3 Prusa Generation 2 DIY complete kit

This is a I3 generation 2 which has updated version of aluminum frame. 9 pieces of Aluminum are used to form the frame.

There are five advantages of using this amazing square shape frame instead of the traditional table frame.

First, unlike the other 3D printers, its center of gravity is on the bottom. This can have higher stability.

Second, the whole bottom was on the ground instead of using four legs. This can make the printing process more stable and the noise is also reduced compared to the generation 1.

Third, circuit boards, power suppliers etc. are down below the machine bed. This enhances the safety, user-friendly, and concise.

Fourth, since the position of the board is changed, the display screen can have a better fixed position to reflect the state of the machine.

Fifth, Corners are all with L shaped groove in place which can have more concise effect and look better than ever.


Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170225134901

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170225134914

Technology: FDM
Positioning accuracy: 0.02 (X/Y), 0.01 (Z)
Print size: 200x200x200(height)mm / 200x200x300(height)mm
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Profile material: Aluminum alloy
Stepping motor: 1.8
Software: Repetier-host 
Operation interface: Wins
File format: .Stl, G-Gode 
Connection: USB
Power input: 220V 50/60Hz
Working temperature: 15-32degrees
Consumables’ diameter: 1.75mm ABS/PLA
LCD monitor: inlcuded
Hotbed: Included
Support offline printing
12864 LCD screen + tools are included 
(If you want a whole roll of 1kg filamene, please contact us for the price) 
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