4k 30PFS 16MP Camera sj 4 K 4000 WIFI Style 2 Inch LCD Screen 1080P 60PFS Waterproof GO Cam pro hero 4 Underwater Action Camera

  • 4k 30PFS 16MP Camera sj 4 K 4000 WIFI Style 2 Inch LCD Screen 1080P 60PFS Waterproof GO Cam pro hero 4 Underwater Action Camera
















  1. We will declare the value lower than USD 25 to avoid tax(Brazil $15)(European countries under $21)(DHL declare under USD 48 above). But due to the policy of different country, if you have any special request, please contact us.
  2. Every camera we have it in stock, after customer pay money. Aliexpress will let us wait about 10 to 24 hours and then let us send it out. We will send it out on the same day immediately. The next day after the shipping company received, we will fill in the tracking number in the order.
  3. Here is track website: http://www.17track.net/zh-cn
  4. We will choose the best way to send the goods according to different country, if the orders include extra batteries or only batteries, in order to customer can receive it as soon as possible, we will choose a better transport way.
  5. The average shipping time: Russia(5 to 20 days), European countries( 5 to 20 days), Brazil ( 10 to 30 days).The main delivery time depend on your city is big city or remote city in your country. If you are Russia customer, we will send to you by a faster transport way, please check your phone, the courier will be sent to your home.
  6. We send a camera without ek en, if you want it on the camera, please contact us.
  7. This camera can only use with good class 10 Memory card.Our SD card is San Disk C10 SD card.
  8. When you choose colour, you can choose Option or colour or support remote control or not, one colour have two kind of camera, one is support remote control, one is not support remote control.
  9. The standard include 1 pcs battery in camera, the standard have include many accessories that in the following picture.
  10. If you want gift , please contact with us.
  11. If your purchase order including a camera\'s storage bag, We\'ll send without the original packing box. This can avoid tariffs (tax).
  12. If you buy more than 3 pcs camera, we will send by DHL to you in free. Our DHL can send with many extra battery with camera. But due to the policy of different country, we will contact with you first.
  13. If you want add 8G 16G C10 SD card or selfie stick ( monopod )or extra battery or bag or any other accessories, if you want reduce some in there under Option, such as you want add 1 pcs selfie stick into Option 2, please contact us.
  14. If you have any question or idea, please ask us, we will do our best to to serve you.



Standard : camera(one battery in camera)+ camera accessories together as shown in the photo.

Option 2 : Standard + Extra Battery + Battery charger 
Option 3 : Standard + Extra Battery + Battery charger + 32G C10 SD Card 
Option 4 : Standard + Extra Battery + Battery charger + 32G C10 SD Card + monopod + Chest strap headband 
Option 5 : Standard + Portable Bag + Extra Battery + Battery charger 
Option 6 : Standard + Portable Bag + Extra Battery + Battery charger + 32G C10 SD Card 
Option 7 : Standard + Portable Bag + Extra Battery + Battery charger + monopod  +  Chest strap headband
Option 8 : Standard + Portable Bag + Extra Battery + Battery charger +  32G C10 SD Card + monopod + Chest strap headband 


  1. Liquid crystal display  :  2 inch LCD Screen
  2. COMS Sensor  :  S o n y IMX 179
  3. Input /output  : Micro USB /HDMI
  4. Master Model  :  Allwinner  V3
  5. Resolution of video recorded  :  4K 30FPS  2K 30FPS  1920*1080 60fps  1280*720 60fps
  6. Viewing Angle  :  170 degree HD wide-angle lens
  7. Focus  :  12cm~infinite
  8. Audio Input  :  Microphone
  9. Audio Output  :  Speaker
  10. Video Recording Mode  :  Loop recording
  11. Language  :  English/French/German/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/Simplied/Japanese/
  12. Chinese/Russian/Korean/Polish/Swedish
  13. Color  :  Black/white/blue/yellow/silver/gold/pink/red
  14. Format of Videos  :  H.264
  15. Resolution of photos  :  16M/12M/8M/5M/2M
  16. Pixels  :  16 million pixels
  17. Storage  :  Micro SD/SDHC (Not Included)(Up to 64GB)
  18. Water level  :  MAX 30 Meter (need A waterproof case)
  19. Wi-Fi support phone system  :  ISO6.1 and above, Android 4.0 and above
  20. Frequency of Optical Source  :  50Hz / 60Hz/auto
  21. Burst  :  3/5/10 photos per second
  22. Playback  :  Support
  23. Shooting Mode  :  Single Shot / Self-timer  / Continuous Shooting/Trajectory photography
  24. Time lapse  :  3sec,5sec,10sec,20sec
  25. Data Stamp  :  Auto
  26. White Balance   :  auto, sunny, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent
  27. EV Compensation  :  -3~+3
  28. Shutter Control  :  Electronic
  29. PC Camera  :  Support
  30. Rotate 180°  :  Support
  31. USB Interface  :  USB2.0 & Mini HDMI (Type D)
  32. Power source interface  :  5V  1A
  33. Battery Capacity  :  900MAH  li-ion 3.7V  rechargeable battery
  34. PC Camera  :  Support
  35. Screen saver  :  Off/1 min/3mins /5mins
  36. power saver  :  Off/1 min/3mins /5mins
  37. Dimension  :  About 49*41*25m









   Action Camera is a high-definition digital motion video recording device, created to reach market demand. It has a wide variety of the leading features for digital video recording, photo shooting, audio recording with screen display and detachable battery. Best suitable for vehicle recording, outdoor sports, home security, diving and more related activities. Allowing you to enjoy the moments while capturing every scene anytime, anywhere. 


l           Keep it safe from falling and dropping

l           Keep it distance from any strong magnetic interference objects like electrical machine to avoid strong radio waves that might be damaging the product and affect the sound or image quality.

l           Don\'t expose the product directly to high temperatures and strong sunlight

l           We recommend using high quality Micro SD Card for the best results.

l           Don\'t place your Micro SD card near strong magnetic objects to avoid data error.

l           In case of overheating, unwanted smoke or unpleasant smell from the device, unplug it immediately from the power outlet to prevent hazardous fire. 

l           Keep it safety from children while on charging.

l           Stored the device in a cool, dry and dust free loc

Product Features

l           With a water proof casing, allowing you to film 30 meters under water scene.

l           HD screen display for convenient videos and image playback

l           Detachable battery for easy replacement and help extend product lifespan

l           Record videos while charging

l           HD 16Megapixel, 6G Sony 179 wide angle lens

l           HDMI Output

l           Supports SD card memory expandable up to 32GB (Maximum)

l           Supports multiple video recording formats: 4K/2K/1080P/720P/ WVGA

l           Supports MP4  recording format

l           Supports multiple photo shooting modes: Single shot & Snapper

l           Video encryption enabled

l           Super lightweight, small in size and available in 8 colors    


1.       Installing Micro SD Card

Note: Please choose a branded Micro SD card, and then format it with the computer before use. We suggest a high quality SD card for the perfect result.

2.       Installing and removing the batteries

A.     Slightly press the battery cap to open it

B.      Correctly install the battery into the camera as indicated by +/- sign and make sure it is in the correct direction with the arrows marked on the battery before you fit it in.

C.      Battery Gauge: Please refer to diagram

D.     Removing the Battery: Open the cap and pull out the battery

3.       Charging

A.     You can recharge this  Action Camera by connecting it directly to the computer or with the power adapter.

B.      It can be also charge with the car charger

C.      Action Camera can record the video while charging ( Switch to Vehicle-mounted Mode in the “Menu”)

D.     The camera can be charge even the power is switch off.

4.       Switching the camera on and off

A.     Press and hold the power switch for 3 to 5 seconds to turn it on/off

B.      You can also switch it on/ off trough the LCD screen display

5.       Mode Switching

Switch between video recording/ Photo shooting/ Playback by pressing the power button as mode function.

aeProduct.getSubject() Recording mode, while aeProduct.getSubject() photo shooting mode. Symbols are displayed on the top of the screen. aeProduct.getSubject() Refers to the function of video playback, and the last one is system settings.

6.        Video recording & Setting configuration


A.Video Recording

Switch to recording mode and there\'ll be an aeProduct.getSubject() icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Press OK to start the recording and the aeProduct.getSubject() icon in the upper left corner will start to flash. Press “OK” again if you want to stop and the aeProduct.getSubject() icon will disappear.


B.Photo shooting & Settings

Switch the camera on and press “Mode” to select “Photo shooting Mode”, there\'ll be an aeProduct.getSubject() icon in the upper left corner of the screen display and the camera is in photo shooting mode. Press “OK” to take photos.

Shooting Pattern: Single shot / Self-timer (2s/5s/10s)  and Continuous Shooting

C.Data Storage & Playback

You can use the USB cable to transfer the file to the computer or you can remove the micro SD card with the card reader.

7. WI-FI connection 

can connect a mobile phone with android or IOS system or a panel computer via WIFI, the operation steps are as following:

A.     Install “CANANY“ software on a mobile phone or a panel computer(you can search and download on Google Play for android system, or search and download on APP Store for IOS system. 

B.      After power on, press WIFI key on the camera, WIFI icon displays on the screen.

C.      Enable WIFI on a mobile phone or a panel computer, search WIFI account  for the camera, then connect, and the initial Password “ 12345678” will display on screen.

D.     When WIFI connected, WIFI Connection Ready displays on the screen,

E.      After “CANANY” software operates on a mobile phone or a panel computer, images recorded by the camera will be real-time displayed on a mobile phone or a panel computer. You can operate via related icons related to the software or set function parameters of the camera

F.      Power on and enter WIFI setting menu, the password can be set as per your requirement.  


1. We can accept T/T , Western Union and Escrow for payment, the best way is online Escrow payment, you can choose yourself. If you want other payment terms, please let us know before when you order.

2. Full payment must be made within 7 days after placing your order, or the order will be invalid or canceled by the system.

3. Make sure that you have completed all the detailed information like contact person, address, post code and telephone number when filling in your buyer\'s information.


1. We will send the goods within 3 business days after the full payment has been confirmed. If the payment is not available, your order will be closed automatically.

2. The buyer are responsible for any insurance, problems and damage which caused by shipping service such accidents, delays or other issues. Besides, the buyer should to be responsible for any tax and/or duty charged by their country.

Warranty and Guarantee:

 1. if you are not satisfied with the purchase, you can exchange the items in one week and you must contact us within 24 hours of the receipt of your purchase

2. The shipping and handling charge is not refundable and customer should be responsible for all the charges of returning and re

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