2015 Smart Android phone watch 1.65 inch Capacitive touch screen Bluetooth GPS watch with Pedometer GPS location SIM card FM SOS

  • 2015 Smart Android phone watch 1.65 inch Capacitive touch screen Bluetooth GPS watch with Pedometer GPS location SIM card FM SOS




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2015 Smart Android phone watch 1.65 inch Capacitive touch screen Bluetooth GPS watch with Pedometer SOS GPS location SIM card FM

  1.Notification Manager (vibrator.ring)  
alarm for incoming call missed call;new SMS;new email;schedule notification
Voice control functions of intelligent mobilephone
sync contacts with phone,indexed fast search,easy to make outgoing call
  4.Bluetooth earphone ( support HFP )   
accept or reject incoming call, make outgoing call as a bluetooth earphone, call log
  5.Weather and datetime    
support varous surface mode, clock dial    
  6.Remote control and monitoring    
find my phone via the watch or find my watch via the phone    
control the media player remotely    
dual direction remote camera ( from phone to the watch or reversely ), show and control preview, take photo     
  7.ourdoor and health    
Pedometer, GPS tracker with walking mode

Product Attribute
Size: 58*46*14.8mm
Material: Plastic plating front shell, aluminium alloy  back shell and environmental silicone watchba
Color: Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, White
Screen: 1.65 inch Capacitive touch screen
Definition: 320*240 Pixels
Chipset: MTK6260
Language:English and multi language
Sensor: 3-aix gravity acceleration sensor, GPS
Memory: 128 MB ROM + 64 MB RAM
External memory: MicroSD up to 32GB  
Mode: BT3.0/GSM/GPRS/EDGE:850/900/1800/1900MHz
Bluetooth earphone: Support HFP
Ear-Jack: Micro 5pin USB
Battery: 450mAh polymer battery, Continuous talk time 4-6 hours, Stand by 90-180 hours

Main Functions
Smart lighting screen, SIM card/BT calls, GPS location, SOS, Weather and datetime, Play music & video, SMS & MMS, Message notification, Alarm Clock, Phone book, Pedometer, Anti lost, Remote camera, Find phone, Calendar, Calculator, FM, Sound recording, Pulse detection(Custom)


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List of functions

The telephone directory includes local and Bluetooth paths;
Local telephone directory indicates telephone numbers in SIM card or SMARTWATCH. Bluetooth telephone directory indicates telephone numbers after connection with smart phone Bluetooth and synchronizing smart phone, this list of functions is only enabled by successful connection with Bluetooth Partner; entering in telephone directory interface and you may browse current records or call current numbers.
Maximum 500 telephone numbers can be saved in SMARTWATCH. If your SMARTWATCH is overloaded by more than 500 telephone numbers, part of these telephone numbers may be omitted. Preset capacity of SIM card is 250 telephone numbers, while Bluetooth telephone directory synchronizes with that of smart phone;
You may add telephone numbers in SIM card or SMARTWATCH through touch screen; SMARTWATCH supports name-card type telephone directory, i.e. you may save the liaison’s FULL NAME, TELEPHONE NUMNER, EMAIL, SYMBOL OF INCOMING CALL, RING ELECTION OF INCOMING CALL and like information on name-card with the functions of telephone directory. The record of telephone directory in SIM card only supports input of FULL NAME and TELEPHONE NUMNER.
In the state of standby mode, you may browse telephone directory interface by manual clicking of TELEPHONE DIRECTORY.
Entering in the list of functions of telephone directory, you may select such functions as ADD LIAISON, OPTION and etc

2.1 Message
Write Message
The user may select establishing a new message. After information edition is finished, select this operation and you can select SEND, INSERT TEMPLATE, SAVE and etc as you need.
SEND: enter in telephone directory to select insertion of telephone number or automatic input of telephone number, select sending information through SMARTWATCH or Bluetooth.
INSERT TEMPLATE: enter in directory of daily phrases and select inserting in one message.
SAVE: This operation directly saves current message in draft box.
TEXT INPUT: the user writing message may select capital & small English letters, spell input, smart spell, capital & small Spanish letters, capital & small French letters, capital & small German letters, capital & small Italian letters, capital & small Russian letters and number input; this setting supports following input modes, namely, standard keyboard, letter-number keyboard and handwriting keyboard. On edition interface, the user may switch any input method by hand. The user may switch input method by directly selecting corresponding buttons on visual keyboard.
PUNCTUATION MARK: in the state of this input method, the user may switch to punctuation mark and click the symbol of punctuation mark he wants.
The user may synchronously receive the messages from connected smart phone to browse, deletion and all deletion operations.
With display of information list, the user may click to browse corresponding short message, operate REPLY, CALL THE SENDER, FAWARD, DELETE and other functions from received information options;
It saves information after information memory and edition confirmation.
The message is saved in this menu after sending.
Message Template
SMARTWATCH contains 10 preset information templates, and the user may edit these templates;
Message Setting
This functions supports setting of parameters relating to message.
Mode Setting: two modes are optional. Setting of basic parameters is available with MODE NAME, MESSAGE CENTER NUMBER, MESSAGE VALIDITY, SEND FORMAT and etc.
State Setting: Open or close MESSAGE REPORT and REPLY PATH. If MESSAGE REPORT is set to close, message center will return message report when the recipient receives your message or fails to receive your message for some reason, so that it’s easy for you to see whether your message is received by the recipient (Network support is necessary). If reply path is set to open, the message sent by the recipient will automatically select the message center selected by you from which you sent the message once the recipient applies reply function.
Memory State: Browse memory state, including memory state of SIM card and SMARTWATCH.
Memory Position: Browse or modify preset message storage.
Bluetooth dialer using message function needs installation of appointed APK matching smart phone. Operation method of Bluetooth message function is consistent to that of SMARTWATCH.

2.2 MMS
Attention: MMS may only be sent by inserting in SIM card with GPRS function. If GPRS function is not subscribed, MMS function will not be supported!
MMS function is a network service, for which you’re expected to apply with network operator for sending and receiving MMS. SMARTWATCH supports MMS sending and receiving functions. MMS is shortened from multimedia information containing picture, sound and text. The MMS sent by you is sent to network MMS center at first, and then it’s sent from MMS center to recipient user (The user’s android with MMS function). If the recipient user’s android is powered off or unable to receive MMS, the network will save the MMS temporarily, and storage term of MSS is jointly determined by sending user and network operator.

You may browse condition of your recent callsthrough the list of functions or setting of common calls.
Note: call record in SIM card will be displayed in the small icon before the record.
Missed Call
All missed calls in SIM card are displayed. Select one missed call to check date, time, telephone number and frequency of the missed call. If the calling user’s incoming call is rejected by the caller, it’s also deemed as missed call.
Dialed Call
All dialed calls in SIM card are displayed. Select one dialed call to check date, time, telephone number and frequency of the dialed call.
Answered Call
All answered calls in SIM card are displayed. Select one answered call to check date, time, telephone number and frequency of the answered call.
Delete Call Record
Enter in the card, select to delete the call record of missed call, dialed call, answered call or all calls.
Call Duration
Count call duration of the latest call, total dialed calls and total answered calls from timing reset of the last cycle, or all timing may be reset.

The pedometer applies 10-step anti-shake function, namely, the number of steps is counted until 10 steps are gone by. On the pedometer interface,click START and the pedometer will start to count the number of steps, click SUSPEND  and the pedometer will suspend to count the number of steps, click STOP and the pedometer will stop to count the number of steps, click RECORD to browse basic information on late counting.
Revision of setting of personal information and pedometer setting is available with setting options.

5.1 Real-time Satellite Coordinates
Enter in the list of functions, when SMARTWATCH automatically receives satellite positioning signal and displays the point on GPS coordinates, longitude and latitude are derived from more than three positioning points and displayed beside the coordinates. No record is displayed without search.
5.2 Number Settings
Three sets of numbers can be set with number setting function. These numbers are famumbers for looking up the geographical position of the watch through message. Send capital GPS message from smart phone to SMARTWATCH with family numbers, and the position of android can be found with map of smart phone (AMAP is recommended). Attention: GPS application is available only in outdoor area free from covering obstruction.
5.3 Continuous Positioning
Once SMARTWATCH is installed T card and enabled this function, positioning file will automatically be generated in the background and saved in T card. Positioning record can be browsed on Google Map with the copy of positioning file ;
The interval of continuous positioningcan be set to 5-15min (Enabling GPS will consume a lot of power, thus it’s advisable to set long interval or enabling less GPS as possible).

6.1 Album
You may browse and set your pictures in the list of pictures. You may select operations such as browse, send, use, rename, deletion, sequential mode, picture information and etc
6.2 Video Player
SMARTWATCH has built-in video player, with which the user may browse or process vidoe files saved inside, including film, MP4, avi file and etc. Attention : video files stored in the folder with “video ” root directory may be played normally;
Please select moderate sound volume when appreciating film music, for continual play of high volume may damage your ear;
On film player interface, press SELECT for play, CONFIRM for stop,  for play back,  for fast forward, for fast play and for slow play.
Press CONFIRM on play interface to suspend play; press CONFIRM again t resume play;
Select any of PLAY, SEND, RENAME, DELETE, SEQUENTIAL MODE and STORATE POSITION in the options for modification of the selected file;
 of number keys functions for fast switching between full screen and non-full screen.
6.3 Music Player
SMARTWATCH has built-in music player for playing the music, and the music can be set as ring. Attention: only MP3 files stored in “my music” root directory can be displayed in music list.
Please select moderate sound volume when appreciating film music, for continual play of high volume may damage your ear;
On music player interface, press  for last music,  for next music,for suspension and play and for stop.
Press CONFIRM to enter in music list on music player interface, options such as PLAY, DETAILED PLAY LIST, UPGRADE PLAY LIST, SETTING and etc are available.
The settings include play setting and sound effect setting; play setting list includes options of FAVORITE LIST, AUTOMATIC GENERATION OF LIST, REPEAT PLAY, RANDOM PLAY and BACKGROUND PLAY.
Recording files are preset to save in “audio” root directory.
Press the interface of list of recording files and the user may select NEW RECORDING, PLAY, ADD, RENAME, DELETE, LIST, SETTING, USE and SEND options
6.4 FM Radio
To tune in radio with SMARTWATCH, please plug earphone coupler in SMARTWATCH earphone jack (Pull out the antenna). Function of earphone connector is equivalent to the antenna of radio receiver, so let it droop freely.
 Channel list: SMARTWATCH will display position number, name (If the channel is stored) and frequency of radio channel. If radio channel is stored, rolling selection of radio channel is available, or the position of corresponding radio channels can be selected with number 1-9.
Manual input: Input radio frequency to tune in (87.5~108.0 MHZ). To store radio channel, please see above-mentioned instructions on storing radio channel.
To store radio channel found, press CONFIRM to store the channel according to above-mentioned instructions.
Automatic search and setting: fast press  and  to search radio channel forward or backward respectively; after the radio channel is found, the search will immediately stop, and press CONFIRM; To store radio channel, please see above-mentioned instructions on storing radio channel.
Setting: background play, android loudspeaker, selection of recording format can be enabled or disabled.
Recording: the content of radio can be recorded and saved when tuning in.

7.1 Calendar
On calendar display interface, the user may select BROWSE, BROWSE ALL, ADD EVENT, DELETE EVENT, JUMP TO APPOINTED DATE, SWITCH TO TODAY, WEEKLY BROWSE and FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK options by keystrokes.
On calendar display interface, the first line displays year, month and etc, the second line displays week, the middle part displays particular dates of a given month, and the last line displays reminder  information. On date display interface, press year   and the date is moved back to the same day in one year ago, press year  and the date is moved forward to the same day in one year ago, press month   and the date is moved back to the same day in one month ago, press month  and the date is moved forward to the same day in one month ago, and selected date is displayed in dark color.
Change the date by entering in ANDROID SETTING, and calendar information on the screen will be updated accordingly
7.2 Tasks
All schedulings of today and the future are displayed; in the list of option functions, the user may conduct options such as add in new matters, browse, edit, delete record, delete all, forward matter and etc; for particular operations, see the calendar.
7.3 Alarm Clock
Five alarm clock times can be set with SMARTWATCH; for each of these times, you may select enabling/disenabling alarm bell, as well as settings of alarm time, alarm mode and alarm cycle.
7.4 Counter
Counter may perform addition, subtration, multiplication and division. After entering in counter interface, the user may compute by direct digital input; the input of numbers and characters is displayed on edition window, and the user may press NAVIGATION to select computational method.
When residue is derived from computation dividing 0  and the result is more than 12 digits(999999999999) or less than (-999999999999), error reminder “E” will appear.
7.5 Files Management
Files management is available with the option of browsing information stored in SMARTWATCH or T card.
7.6 World Times
The time of any city cam be selcted as world times; the user may press any button of the key in left and right directions to change time setting of a city.
DST of foreign city can be enabled or disabled with option. DST is the time of 1h earlier than normal time.

8.1 Bluetooth
Enter in Bluetooth interface to conduct following operations:
Enable Bluetooth: enable/disable Bluetooth function. If Bluetooth function is disabled, all Bluetooth conenctions are closed, and you’ll unable to send and receive information via Bluetooth. Bluetooth in enabled state will consume cell capacity, and it’s advisable to disable Bluetooth function when percofrming other operations with SMARTWATCH.
SMARTWATCH is searchable: It can be enabled or disabled.
My device: The interface displays record of Bluetooth equipment connected with SMARTWATCH.
Search hands-free device: The system will automatically search hands-free equipment and display the result after search.
Name of android device: SMARTWATCH
Advanced options: settings are available with sound path, storage position and etc.
Attention: Files received via Bluetooth transmission are stored in default “Received” folder.
Instructions on the use of Bluetooth dialer:
1. First, enter in list of Bluetooth functions of Bluetooth Partner to set the menu of “enable Bluetooth” and “SMARTWATCH is searchable” to enabling;
2. Then, enter in list of Bluetooth functions of smart phone to enable Bluetooth equipment for Bluetooth search, after the name of Bluetooth device of Bluetooth Partner is searched, select this Bluetooth name, and a prompt box saying “Bluetooth matching request” will pop out, select “matching”, after successful matching, click the name of matched Bluetooth to connect with smart phone, and connected” will be reminded in Bluetooth Partner side, then “Telephone directory request” will pop out; if you want to visit the liaison and call record, select “CONFIRM”;
3. Install APK in smart phone, enter in the list of functions to connect Bluetooth equipment, indicating successful connection of Bluetooth equipment.
4. Until after “CONFIRM” and “YES” are selected with various reminders mentioned above, Bluetooth Partner is enabled for synchronous telephone directory, call record, music and receiving message; APK selection and setting are necessary for synchronously receiving message
8.2 Remote Reminder
Remote reminder indicates synchronous information from smart phone.
(Remark: The function of remote reminder may only be realized in the precondition when APK software is installed in smart phone of Android system and connection with SMARTWATCH Bluetooth is enabled, for weather forecast on APK, foreign city can only be searched by entering English name).
6.8.3 Loss Prevention
To enable/disable function of loss prevention, select enable or disable function of loss prevention; the reminder mode is optional, including disconnection of Bluetooth when it’s out of the distance, set function of loss prevention automatically rings and vibrates to remind the user; to enable function of loss prevention, SMARTWATCH will ring or vibrate to remind the user after disconnection of SMARTWATCH and smart phone exceeding a given Bluetooth distance;
(Remark: Loss prevention may only be operated in the precondition of connection with Bluetooth.)

9.1 Scenarios
SMARTWATCH provides COMMON SCENARIO, MEETING SCENARIO, OUTDOOR SCENARIO, INDOOR SCENARIO, MY SCENARIO and BLUETOOTH SCENARIO and presettings of these scenarios. After you plugging in the earphone, SMARTWATCH will automatically enter in earphone scnario.
9.2 Scenario Settings
Enter in scenario setting to select between card and flight mode.
9.3 Watch Settings
Settings are available for options including time, date, timed power on/off, language, appointed function key and etc
Special attention: In specific area where use of SMARTWATCH is prohibited (for example, passenger compartment), please make sure automatic power on/off function of your SMARTWATCH is enabled/disabled before entering in such area to avoid occurrence of abnormal incident.
9.4 Setting of Display ON by Raising Hand
To enable or disable settings of display ON by raising hand, wear on SMARTWATCH as usual after such function is enabled, raise your hand to 45degree and the screen will automatically ON; this function is not responded if it’s disabled;
9.5 Security Settings
In this list of functions, settings are available for security and secrecy of SMARTWATCH.
9.6 Restore Manufacturer\'s Settings
After this function is selected, default manufacturer’s settings of SMARTWATCH will be restored, and it’s necessary to enter lock password, which is preset as “1122”.

Following functions are available on dropdown interface: voice control, remote reminder, remote photograph, task, Bluetooth music, mute mode, counter and recording.
After entering in dropdown interface, click any function icon to enter in corresponding function interface quickly:
Voice Control
For operations of SIRI function of Iphone and S Voive function of Samsung, and after connection with Bluetooth, click the icon of this list of functions to directly awaken voice function of smart phone to operate voice dialing and etc;


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