195cm 33" Black Silver Umbrella Light stand E27 Twins Swivel Adapter Socket Adapter Lighting Video Light kit

  • 195cm 33" Black Silver Umbrella  Light stand E27 Twins Swivel Adapter Socket Adapter Lighting Video Light kit










This kit is the perfect set up for web retailers or anyone wants to get a high quality videos and shots. It provides enough continuous lighting. 
Complete with light stands and lighting softbox, you\'ll have everything you need to start taking professional pictures by youself, no matter you are a beginner or veteran photographer.

Attention: Light Bulb was not included
Click here to find the bulb you may need

E27 Twins Swival Adapter
This Swivel Adapter can be set in all dircetion you need.
Whit this you can full control you lighting even a hard position.
110v / 220v screw in socket for flash or bulb
on / off switch 
2 way Lightstand socket 
umbrella holder slot 
3m cord 

W803 Light stand
This High-quality Light stand is the prefect item for the professional Studio used.Easy way to set up ,Quick Release and Lock system fitted for the fast and easy uesed. 
Material : Aluminum
Max Height : 195cm / 7\'8"
Collopsible Height : 65cm / 32"
Weight : 0.96kg 

33" Black & Silver umbrella
This umbrella is used in professional studios.It helps to give a better skin tone and contrast control.The White Umbrella softens all light sources .It is a good option for the Pro studio uesd. This umbrella diffuse all the light from any flash and coming out the soft light which is good for your product. 


Socket Adapter for AU/US/UK

This travel adapter converter is convenient to carry, travel, business study, the best partner

This travel adapter converter adopts high conductivity material which is heating, high conductivity, good elasticity, long time to ensure the safety of products and service

The appearance of this travel adapter converter is smooth sheen, comfortable

This plug socket adapter can only transform current not voltage

With the help of this universal travel adapter, you don\'t need to worry about your mobile phone to be out of power any more

Material: Flame Retardant PC Engineering Plastic

Color: White

Rated Voltage: 250V

Rated Current: 10A


package including:

1 x E27 Twins Swival Adapter

1 x W803 Light stand

1 x 33" Black & Silver umbrella

1 × Socket Adapter for AU/US/UK(only send one of them)







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