11KW DC AC Solar Pump Inverter Professional Design 3-Phase AC Pump Inverter Customized Inverter

  • 11KW DC AC Solar Pump Inverter Professional Design 3-Phase AC Pump Inverter Customized Inverter


Solar Pump Inverter Professional Design 3-Phase AC Pump Inverter 11KW Customized Inverter MPPT Inverter


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PV pump system is different from traditional AC pump application system, PV pump system is supported by the solar energy from the PV arrays. PV pump inverter drives the AC motor to get water from deep well, river, lake etc. This design allows the using of pumps in the wild where the ciry power grid is not available, which brings the users great convinience to supply  water for the fields in remote places.


This solar pump inverter is specially design for AC 3-phase solar pumps. This product aims to fill the blank of the AC solar pump market. It\'s not easy to find suitable and reliable AC solar inverter before. Using normal High Frequency Micro Inverter is not stable.


No. Name Description
A PV array Monocrystalline silicon, Polycrystalline silicon
B PV pump inverter BSPI-1.5KW,BSPI-2.2KW,BSPI-3KW,BSPI-3.7KW,BSPI-4KW,
C AC pump Three-phase AC pump
D Water storage device Can be the reservoir, fields etc.


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♦ Adopting the proposed dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control method & optimized SVPWM  fast response and stable operation; and the conversion efficiency achieves of 99.6%.

♦ Adopting high-efficiency IPM (intelligent power module) from Mitsubishi with high reliability and high efficiency.

♦  Designed with variable frequency driver (VFD), can be used in variable frequency speed regulation technology, greatly improves efficiency, and better to protect water pump and maximum utilization of solar panels.

♦ AC drive function. When is no sunshine, such as at night, solar pump inverter can connect to AC city power to work by manually if AC power is available.

♦  LCD display operating panel, can setting various parameters through LCD, easy to operation

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 We can customize below inverters:
Item \\ Model PI-1.5KW PI-2.2KW PI-3KW PI-3.7KW
DC Input
Max. input DC voltage 880Vdc
Recommended MPPT
Max. input DC current 3.5A 5A 6.9A 9A
MPPT efficiency 99.90%
Number of string 2
AC output
Max. applicable motor
output power
1.5kW 2.2kW 3kW 3.7kW
Rated output voltage 380-460Vac 3-phase
Output frequency range 0~50/60Hz
Rated output current 4A 6A 7A 9A
Mechanical data
Dimensions(W/H/D) 265/430/166(mm)
Weight 7.5kg
System parameter
Max. efficiency 98%
Protective class I
Protection degree IP65
Operating temperature range above 60°C need derate -25°C to +60°C,
Cooling method Natural cooling
Display LCD
Communication interface RS485/WiFi
Altitude 3000m; above 3000m need derate operating
Noise emission <50dB
Compliance EN 50178; IEC/EN 62109-1; IEC 61800


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1) Panel Picture and Function Introduction

Indicator light description:
A. Grid: motor burning, motor stalling, Wells dry, water tower full, this light on
B. Run: Equipment under normal working condition
C. Fault: Fault light, indicate all the fault state in the working process
D. Auto: Auto Mode, indicate inverter under automatic unattended work mode
E. Manual: Manual Mode, indicate inverter under manually turn on/off machine


2) LCD Display Interface Overview

3)  Connecting Terminals of inverter

4) Electrical connection diagram


No. Equipment name Description
A PV array The max. open-circuit voltage of each PV string is 880V
B DC side breaker Use for protecting electrical connection, user can configure according to the max. input voltage andcurrent value.
C Water level
Water level sensor is the optional accessory, is used for measure the water level, it will alarm if the water is lower than waterline to protect pump.
D Pump Three-phase AC pump

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MARS ROCK SOLAR is a world leader in the photovoltaic industry, specializes in the development, production, marketing, construction and after-service of solar product. Now as one of the most professional solar products manufacturer, basing on self-produce and self-market management, our yearly output has grown to over USD120, 000,000.

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